Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lawn rankings

A couple of friends and I decided to rate the varioussss.. lawns that have dotted streets and roads of Karachi lately. We've come up with a ranking that is based purely on our opinions. Some of the designers have made it both the best and worst categories as you'll find out. Also, our opinions may be biased by how the clothes have been stitched and the photography and modeling, but we've tried to judge besides these factors. The images have been taken from various websites, including,, etc

Here's for you to look and comment:


#1 (Best) - Sana Safinaz

#2 - Lakhani's House of Zunn

#3 - Sana Safinaz

#4 - Sana Safinaz

#5 - Sana Safinaz

#6 - Lakhani's House of Zunn

#7 - Crescent

#8 - Crescent (red one)

#9 - Deepak Perwani

#10 - Umar Sayeed

And now the worst 7 we picked out!

Here goes, THE WORST 7:

#1 (Worst) - Sadia Lawn

#2 - Sadia Lawn

#3 - Sadia Lawn

#4 - Karma: The gypsy lawn collection

#5 - Khaadi

#6 - Sana Safinaz

#7 - Khaadi

#8 - Umar Sayeed

Looking forward to some feedback girls! Enjoy

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