Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lawn collections: as beautiful as they look?

Here I am, sitting in front of my PC, ogling at glossy pictures of beautiful models, looking as glamorous as ever. Today, it is the latest, multiple lawn collections that have caught my eye. And even though I am not much of a lawn person myself (rather, I solemnly detest the particular fabric in question), I cant help feeling the wow factor when I stare at Amina Sheikh looking resplendent in this particular lawn attire designed by someone I honestly just read the name of.

“Should I get one for myself?”

“No,” screamed my rationality, “the prints are all the same. You cant tell one designer from the other.”

“But look at her, perhaps I can look as glamorous wearing it…”

“Only if your idea of glamorous is a tarted up blend of various prints and colours. Or if you wanna look like a dastarkhuan on which biryani would be shared a decade back.,” the rationality reminded.

“Yea, guess I should not. But just look at these pretty girls!”

“Yea, just look at them…”

And I did notice something. In most of the photos touting elaborate lawn collection, just look at the wonderful photography. The wind blowing the fabric off, the angles at which the models have posed, the dupattas dangling away in another corner while the model poses separately, the weird hand poses, and much more…

No wonder these gals look so hot. And no wonder the result is disappointing when we don on the same prints… sigh…

Look at this photo from Nadia Hussain’s latest collection.

While the outfit looks decent, how many will dare to carry the pose around without being made a laughing stock of? (kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s leg pose at the Oscars 2012 that was excessively ridiculed). Yes yes, the dupatta is hanging somewhere else too.

Here’s the next one, an Asim Jofa number.

Again. To look as ravishing as Eman Ali does in the above photo, you’ll have to sprawl you’re A-line frock like her, do that funny curve she’s done with her wrist. And wait, where’s her other leg. Will you have to hide that too? And once more, yes yes the dupatta is swaying somewhere else.

This below is a Yahsir Waheed outfit.

Oh dear! The model had to do an acrobat move to convince us the dress is pretty!

And in this Crescent Lawn piece, Karishma Kapoor had to resort to jutting out her leg in mid-air to give that feel-good look to the outfit.

The point’s not to ridicule the models, who, no doubt, are very beautiful looking females. The point is to put a reality check in our minds. The photography and hotties are too good to be us and lets not forget that when buying the next lawn ka jora. Buy what would look good on you and not what looks good on them. Unless, of course, you can jut out your leg every hour of the day, make sure your dupatta is perfectly swaying by the wind or by fans, and you can stand and walk at a 60 degree angle to the ground!