Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why winters make me uglier

I dont like winters. I never have and I dont think I ever will. Thank god for living in Karachi where they are more bearable, but until recently, I wondered, 'are they'?

Without any proper heaters and insulation and what not, us Karachiites are just not braced for this season which may be a blessing for some. Sure I enjoy the low electricity bills and the lack of any icky sweaty feeling you get during the summers, but other than these, I've begun to hate winters.

While I can go on and on about the whys, the one thing that I noticed yesterday was winters have actually been contributing towards making yours truly ugly! (Please keep the cliched 'so when were you pretty anyway' comment to yourselves :p)

Here's why:

1. I find winter fashion in the traditional shalwar kameez very difficult to do. As I have already established earlier through this blog, sweaters on shalwar kameez are something I have yet to fancy, which leaves only the option of shawls for poor me. And though those can be worn stylishly (kudos to ladies who can pull it off), sometimes, you just really need the layering to stay warm. And the recent winters in Karachi (oh-so-never-ending!) have not been a piece of cake, at least not for hypothermic me... And no, no matter how much I love them and no matter how much I feel they look better on me, I cant pull off western type stuff at all places, especially not at my office and not in public places

2. The dread of making a trip to the salon in the chilly winter breeze.. And the excess use of cold water and sometimes fans needed for some much-needed grooming. Oh, and is it only me, or does the drier skin actually make the already-horrendous threading an even more painful procedure?

3. The laziness. I'd stay tucked in the bed sipping some hot, sweet, calorie-laden drink or have mouthfuls of rich nuts than go out and flex my muscles a bit. It's an open invitation to the pounds to come and pack up on me!

4. The laziness again. And how it makes me want to not get up and put on eyeliner or blush, and in the end going to visit people all bare and plain.

5. The posture too! I tend to wrap my shawl very severely around me when the wind has been blowing very hard. The result? I end up looking like a slouching ol' maid.. The confident walk and straight posture of the summers is waved good bye in the face of survival instincts against the winters.

I'm sure if I think more there'll be ten other reasons I'll find to blame winters for bringing out the ugliness in me. Where art thou, summers? :(

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