Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Woman, what's with the chooridaars??...

...a guy at work asked me and my work BFF one day.

Honestly, it got my thinking. Let me admit that I was already biased against the oriental leg wear, first for the acute inconvenience it brings for the wearer, and second, for how they make my already skinny legs look more skinny :(

"On top of those tent-like kurtas you guys wear, it looks like 2 mini canes hardly managing to support a huge, airy structure," I tried defending the sweet women folk, but deep inside, I couldn't agree more. Reasons? I have yet to condition myself to develop a fancy for them for reasons mentioned before.

And you know what's become quite irksome lately? The stretchy type material pants, which cling all the way to your legs, including the thighs.

I'm sorry for sounding so graphic, but the effect, especially on girls who have anything BUT spidery, well-toned legs, is devastating. PLEASE KEEP THE SLITS CLOSED IF U JUST HHHAVEEEE TO WEAR THAT CLINGY SKI-PYJAMA WE'VE COME TO ACCEPTING AS A CHOORIDAAR! (I'm sorry my dear dear friends who are fond of these, the bashing's aimed at the pants, not you guys :D)

Which reminds me to add that, in contrast to this version of the chooridaar, the 'primitive'version, left slightly loose at the thighs, was much better. Check it out below, so nice and sweet!

Perhaps the stretchy pants might work, but there are two conditions for those to look slightly close to decent:

1) Wear them with kurtas which are closed all along, and dont have side slits

2) If u HHHAVEEEE to still wear them with a slit-wala-kurta, please choose a dark colour like black. It does look better.

Anything other than this? Either make the effort and get a nice one stitched by the tailor or please dont help bring the profits of white stretchy pants' sellers to double digits!

Oh, just before I sign off, I personally feel chooridaars look better on longer lengths. Perhaps an inch or two above the ankle is a good length. Anything shorter just adds weight to the comment my colleague made, which I mentioned at the beginning of the piece.

Hoping this post will influence some chooridaar aficionados into wearing the pants more gracefully!


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