Monday, 30 January 2012

Vish'z Collection

It's been a busy few weeks for this fashion basher, with lotsa ideas to bash upon, but not the energy or time... sigh. And the constant apologies I have been writing for not posting since long are becoming quite a commonality now.. another sigh... so I'm not gonna be sorry about infrequent posts.. hmph!

So the first on my to-blog list is my friend Mahvish's collection. I'm gonna put up pictures more and write less, cuz the home-based designer has done much of the job of explaining the outfits in good detail. Before I go on ranting further, here are some of the photos for you to stare and share.. Click to enlarge each snap:

So now that you have taken a look and are familiar with the price range too, let me tell you which one my eyes fell for. It was the red one with the Chinese-type dialect on it in Slide 7.

The good thing is she will get the outfits stitched to your taste, as in, your choice of fabric, colour, etc, and any slight modifications in design you'd like. For example, I got my motif printed on the back and got a boat neckline instead of the chinese collar.

I love the flexibility the girl has to offer, and I also think the designs are pretty cool, and can be custom-stitched to your size.

I'll come back with more of her photos soon. In case anybody is interested in her collection, please leave a comment at my blog, I'll post it to her, or write to me at

take care guys!

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