Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who said men cant be fashionable??

...Yes, even men can be fashionable, without being criticised for being too 'fashion-conscious' to be a man...

I wonder why have we attached a stereotype to men and fashion: to most people I know, men are either 'not-fashionable' or gay.. What's wrong in just looking out for your appearance dudes! It's about looking good rather than looking sloppy.

Just as it is for women, a good fit is as extremely important for a man. If you wanna become a lady magnet, ;), remember FIT IS IT!!

So, looking at the number of our brethren belonging to the corporate fraternity, let's talk about the fit of dress shirts. Though it's become much less, men have a persistent disease of wearing their shirts too loose, especially near the waist. Gentlemen, wake up to SLIM-FIT shirts pleaseeee! There is an abundance of them in various outlets now, including Amir Adnan (who has very sleek designs, btw) and Cambridge.

Check out these pictures of models wearing slim-fits:

Next are any guy's trousers. Remember to not go for very baggy ones as they only look nice on conventional teen hunks! Yes, I'm talking about the low-waisted jeans that boys had taken a fancy to a few months back (some still stick to the fashion faux pas), with utter disregard for decency and neat looks. But while the young lot could carry it off, late-20s and early-30s sporting it only looked like they're trying tooooooo hard!

For both jeans and formal trousers, make sure that the jeans fits your crotch and behind comfortably. NEVER go too tight with it either, or you'll be at the risk of not being invited to most parties because of the sheer embarrassment the "TIGHT-anic" will likely bring to your hosts.

Here, let me mention the flat front trousers that have saved many men from being a fashion disgrace. I've found really sleek ones at Dockers. Though a little pricey (ranging around PKR 7000-8000), they are totally an investment because of how good they'll make you look and also since they're good quality and last longer.

Have a look at some flat fronts:

Similarly for dinner suits and jackets. Go and get a tailored one rather than buy off a shelf. It will be completely worth the wait and the bill wont be much different than an off-the-shelf suit, unless of course, you choose a very dear material. Moosajee's and Ambassador are tried and tested options in my case, with a man looking very wonderfully neat in suits tailored by them. You might even have your personal tailor to stitch the suits for you, and if that works for you, nothing like it!

See for yourself how much of a difference a well-fitted suit can make:

Moving on to tee-shirts, the guy's age and built is very important. If you're not a very muscular, toned type, PLEASE avoid skinny tee-shirts. You just look like a stick-figured Salaman Khan afficianado stuffed inside a sausage case! Even if you are that much of a body-builder, leave the extreme tightness at home only and go for something that skims rather than clings to your body.

For older men, it's safer to hang on to a looser, more comfy piece than flaunt yourself the Johnny Bravo way! And again, anything too loose will only make you look very sloppy!

That for the moment folks! see ya'll soon with some more fashion tips for both men and women :)

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