Monday, 12 December 2011

Aisha and Fatima's - Part 2

So I've finally downloaded the remaining photos I took at the exhibition. More mouth-watering clothes for y'all to ogle at :)

My favourite are the red and purple ones, here they go:

Check out the details at the front and back. I especially love the beautiful checkered type print on the purple one. And how warm and bright the colours are!

Ok, so this one with the bird motif at the back, i totally fell in love with:

But I always feel white is not my colour and makes me look fattish sometimes, so didn't end up getting it. But Fatima was willing to do it in black for me, all fitted to my size! That is, until my eyes fell on this one and I was suggested by auntie to try on a brighter shade for myself... Here, take a look at my own find :D

It's the one on the right, with a close up of the embroidered strip near the neck. A boat-cut neckline and a very very lovely colour which actually looked good on me. Otherwise, I usually invest in blacks, browns, greys, blues and bieges, colours that I feel most comfortable in. But for a change, this outfit looked rather neat on me ;)

Here are a few more of the dresses:

And a picture of two of the kurtis, as I promised :)

Here's a snapshot of Fatima's cute contact card for interested people to call and place their orders!

Keep it rolling buddies, catch ya'll later!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment lovestory08 :)
    I'll pass it on to the girls, I'm sure they'll appreciate :)