Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lessons from royalty

Did I tell you I'm an avid follower of the fashion styles of the Middleton sisters? For those of you who dont recall, Prince William married Kate Middleton earlier this year, and her sister, bridesmaid Pippa Middleton also got more than her due share of publicity.

While I started off admiring Kate's (fondly referred to as Diana's bahu by me :p) way of dressing, it gradually moved towards matronly and very non-creative, especially the hair! So while I still think the princess sister is definitely prettier, I find Pippa's style much more catchy and fun!

So today, we're gonna take a look at both the girls for a few lessons.

Let's begin with Pippa:

In the pictures, though Pippa's coats and dresses are worth drooling over, what my friend made me notice was how she carried her bag. Check out ho she either clutches the handle and lets the bag swing, or she slides it over the arm, which is folded in an L-shape. She does not sling it on her shoulder like many (not all) of us do. And honestly, it does add an air of style to even an otherwise simple outfit, no matter the size of the bag. So how many of us are gonna be carrying our bags the Pippa style tomorrow? ;)

Now lets take a peep at Britain's future princess. There are oodles of gorgeous photographs of her to check out, but lets look into the latest one.

Kate (extreme left in the first photo) wore this Zara's outfit at a fundraiser concert recently. The first look at this picture made me think something is amiss. Check that Kate's dress is kinda short and flares below the waist, which makes her upper half look kinda out of proportion relative to her thin legs.

We dont wanna sound too critical princess, but with a dress this short, a form-fitting dress would have been more appropriate, especially with as petite frame as yours!

But let's spare Kate some flak for her colour choices and combinations, plus really elegant accessories, especially the black clutch.

With that little lesson from royalty, we'll be off!
 Take care, and happy princess ogling :)


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