Monday, 5 December 2011

Jassi jesi koi nahi...or NOT!

Winters are here (though still missing from Karachi!) and with them the high-collared shalwar kameez seems to have been reinforced. Though a very elegant-looking outfit on many, the closed collar may not look great on everyone, and with the kurtas relatively loose and long, the high-collared look totally reminds me of 'jassi jesi koi nahi'.. Apparently, jassi jesi bohat saree ho gaeen hain.. lolz...

My fashion idols, Trinny and Susannah have declared the high-collared look (also known as nehru collar) illegal for heavy-busted women. And South Asian women tend to be generally well-endowed. So overall, the look doesn't work too well.

Check out these pictures of Outfitters' winter collection 2011 by Ethnic:

while the pattern at the bottom of the shirt is totally funky, the matronly upper part is kinda spoiling the look. Dont you think so?

And this one right here is too baggy to make it a 'second-look-guaranteed' outfit...

Open buttons on the third outfit lend it some breathing towards the neckline...the difference should be pretty clear...

Another matronly look on a winter dress by the same brand...

The point is that while it looks oh-so-sassy on a done-to-detail model with a high pony tail and a figure to die for, the more common women like us need to see if it will actually look good on us. Not only does it make the bust look bigger, but also adds a lot of baggage to an otherwise womanly frame...

MUST-HAVES for the well-endowed:
- V-necks: separate the bust and lengthen the body
- attractive neck pieces to deflect attention from proportionally heavier chests

- polo necks
- nehru collars
- Heavy pattern in the chest area
- very closed round necklines

Aspiring with models is cool, but be a model yourself woman!

Take care and we'll be right back with some more reviews...

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