Tuesday, 27 December 2011

"Is that lipstick on your teeth?" the Chairman asks...

Hi Followers and readers,

I know the absence of a post for the last week is a mega "blog-faux-pas" on my part, but I'm sure y'all are sweet, kind and most considerate to forgive me :)

But during the last week I saw something which left my eyes popping out like that of the Mask! A newly married chic in full bridal make-up and a bright pink jora with silver kamdani was to be spotted around. Where, did you ask? At WORK! C'mon man, while most will be happy you tied the not, and the rest will be indifferent, why make everyone squirm because of a ridiculous post-wedding choice of clothes and bizarrely bold make-up!

We'll keep work clothes aside for a moment (but yes, will cover them too, because work clothes in Pakistan's culture can be a tad tricky), and talk a bit about make-up :)

Honestly, the Pakistani concept of make-up has never been quite convincing to me, and many women and men will acquiesce with my claim. What's with the pastry looks, extremely bold eyes, lips and every single feature on the face? Whatever happened to subtlety? I do not approve of such a scarily heavy look on weddings either, but for work! How can women forget it's work and not an evening dinner!

Check these out:

No prizes for guessing which look is more appropriate when you're heading to the office.

Here are some pointers for the desi girls to note down when dressing up for work:

1. DONT overdo the lipstick. The age of the dark brown, mocha and red is quite out-dated, even if you have angelina-jolie lips. Leave that for supermodels and TV anchors who deem it their right to dress like a 'dulhan' every morning. Go for nude shades or just stick with a nearly transparent gloss.

2. Avoid using a thick foundation or base. A better idea and one that I use on a daily basis is to use a moisturizer on your face with at least an SPF-15 UV protection. Also, please try to grow up and get over your complexities and STOP USING FAIR & LOVELY! Gone are the days when a fair complexion was everything, a healthy complexion (regardless of whether it's pink, brown, white, yellow or GREEN) is what's more important.

3. Trim your nails. We're also over the age when long nails could woo men over. Preppy fashion screams for well-trimmed, well-filed, decently sized nails. No, I didn't say bitten nails were an alternate.

4. Leave shimmery eye shades and a sparkly, glittery eye liner for your teenage cousins. Let alone wear to work, coloured eye liners look good up til a certain age only. And, sadly for many, that age hovers near the late 20s. Please dont try too hard.

5. The blush is quite critical, with many women around us often overdoing it in quest of looking doll-like. Hey, did anyone tell them there's just a fine line between a blushed-up doll and a clown? The blush is just make you appear healthier. A litmus test for applying it? Just pinch your cheek slightly, the colour you get is how your blush should be, not darker.

6. Finally, no make-up at all is not a good idea either. A moisturizer and slightly-lined eyes go a long way in helping you clean well. Sadly, yours truly is often guilty of forgetting to line her eyes :(

Remember, you're going to work and getting late for that is nothing new for anyone. Make up for work, if kept to good quality basics, should not need more than 10 minutes. If you're spending more time than that, you seriously need to evaluate your make-up techniques!


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