Friday, 9 December 2011

"Iss mai kya burai hai??"

Have you checked out the photo below?

Though this is not the full image (you can easily find it anywhere on the web!), do you find anything wrong with the photo? Veena certainly doesn't. "Iss mai kya burai hai," (what's wrong with this?)she said to a local media channel a few days back regarding the new image in which she's wearing her bottoms.

The girl has stricken again, claiming to file a lawsuit against FHM for "tampering" her photo. And voila voila! Malik actually made it to the top news on CNN's homepage on Thursday, and was actually interviewed by the American broadcaster. Did I mention, her story turned up on BBC again...Turns out, no publicity is bad publicity, after all.

Check out her interview with CNN (and the story) at the link below:

And with BBC here:

"Topless is not nude!" she boldly declares to CNN, defending herself.

What's interesting is that FHM has filed a counter suit at the model, claiming that she knew the terms of the shoot all along. Hmmmm...

Methinks the actress is partly correct in that she may have not posed totally nude and just bottomless in the first photo that was revealed (a part of it shown below), but the photo may have been, as she says, "morphed" to make her appear nude. But the conservative country that Pakistan is, even topless is huge, and that too, with ISI initials!

But then, I'm sure the girl expected some kind of controversy too, and she's got every bit of publicity that comes as a cherry on top.

But hey, let's spare her some flak too. She says the nature of the industry is not a very demure and conservative type. True. And she says admits to not being a very good Muslim. Very true. So I do think it's about time we accept Veena as one of our racy models. And frankly, I'm sure many local models may have posed topless too, perhaps not as indiscreetly as Veena.

I'd give it to the girl for her guts and ability to put up with the sometimes very brutal society that we can be. Though, she gotta be more sensible about how she executes her 'bold' projects, not with ISI tatoos on a rival country's magazine perhaps!

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