Thursday, 1 December 2011

Clutter attire

Is it just me, or does everyone notice how very cluttered our eastern clothes have become these days. Yes, it's fun to dig out old tits and bits from granma's old clothes and sew them together to make an outfit, but whatever happened to class and elegance?? The other day, my tailor commented in much despair, "Baji, aaj kal to 12 kapron ka aik jora banta hai!" (twelve different kinds of clothes make a single outfit these days). and I'm thinking he's so not very wrong. There's a panel, and then a panel on a panel, a strip of glossy silk or crammed up embroidery, and all that is sewn together on a piece of cloth that already has enough prints on it to give a group of zebras, leopards and cheetas a run for their lives!

Very honestly, the grace of plain has just been thrown out the window. And that totally masks whatever beautiful patterns there are because there are too many of them competing on a single jora. We had shalwar kameez before too, and they were quite alluring, I dare say, and they weren't a game of 'find the cat in this picture' tyoe that we have today. Check out any best looks of the Emmy red carpet and you'll see that it is they styles and cuts and not the prints and embroidery that is the highlight of each outfit.
For a more oriental attire, credit goes to places like Ego, Daman, Textilion for their milder and more elegant versions of casual attire. 

The graceful ensembles of Ego...

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