Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Al-Karam Winter Collection 2011

So the winters are here, not that chilly in Karachi, but I'm sure my friends more up north will be swearing by the extreme chill.

Winter attire has always been a very tricky matter to me. Come to think of it, ours is not a country where you can comfortably sport a cool long coat with boots and get away without becoming the apple of every, I repeat EVERY, eye anywhere.

So the girls have to do with working around shalwar kameez. I personally hate the waist-length sweaters on a kurta. I hate them with a capital H. I'd rather be carrying around a hoarse throat than wear one sometimes. Of course, when 'mummy-dom' or 'husband-dom' jolts up on particular days, I dont have much choice.

Then, us Pakistani chicks and ladies are left with the option of shawls (which I shall be covering soon) and winter cloth material.

Here I am gonna start with sharing with you the photos of Al-Karam's winter collection. You can get them from the Al-Karam studio near 2-swords in Karachi and Gulberg in Lahore.

Al-Karam's winter collection is launched in 5 categories:
1) Resham Lenin embroidery
2) Jamavar collection
3) Khaddar print
4) Resham Lenin print
5) Khaddar embroidery

Have a look at the Resham Linen embroidery collection:

While I like the 3rd dress a lot (the light blue one on the right of the 2nd picture), I dont like the black one right next to it. It's got too many prints and it scores a perfect 10/10 on my clutter scale!

I also like the pistachio coloured one in the last picture, especially the way it's stitched! Check out how the front 'daman' curves out into a slightly longer back daman.

Next, let's see the Resham Linen Print:

I kinda like the print more than the embroidered ones. Check out the lovely colour combinations on most of the outfits here. However, the last one of this lot - the dark blue one - doesn't make me drool as much, most likely because it's not stitched very well. On a closer look, the cloth of that looks very bright and lovely too.

Ok so we've got the Khaddar embroidery next:

None of these meet my fancy, honestly. Only the light beige one with the dark green embroidery (the last one)...

Following this is the printed Khaddar:

I think the Al-Karams have done better with their prints than with their embroideries. Here, the dark brown and grey one really strike out, though the others are good too. I guess the printed versions have better colour combinations which make them look nicer. What say?

Finally, we move on to their Jamavar collection:

Now these are some fine clothes. Check out how delicate and beautiful the work on the dresses are. The white one on the cover looks particularly graceful. I only wish the colour palette on this range would have included some brighter shades as well..

Ok ladies, I'll be signing off for now, until I come up with more stuff for you to read. I have been requested to write about men's fashion too so that will be following soon too :)

until then, CIAO!


  1. I was hoping to find some valuable analysis on the collection, a ll you've done is tell us what you like and don't like, pretty plain, and I'm being polite about it :P

  2. When will our designers stop making these horrendous tents?? Im so sick of these long, loose dresses....even a few models dont look good with these on...

  3. Hey Salman! I have explained as to why I like or do not like a particular design. Obviously, it will be biased as per my likes and dislikes.

    So I'd appreciate some value-addition from readers like yourself, in that tell me what you find interesting about the clothes, etc. How exactly would you want an 'analysis', etc..

    Looking forward to more feedback!

  4. Hey lovestory! Yea, I agree sometimes the dresses do tend to look like tents! Do share with me some nice designs that are sleeker if you come across them!