Sunday, 11 December 2011

Aisha and Fatima's - a creative display (Part 1)

Last week, I visited an exhibition of very chic off-the-rack clothes, designed for the contemporary woman. There were a few points I appreciated about the display, including:

1. The dresses weren't too cluttered (and my regular readers would know clutter is not my thing at all)

2. They were left open at the sides so that the buyer could get the kurta stitched as per their fit

3. The designs weren't run-of-the-mill attire, but quite creative, for e.g. my fondness for a particular bird motif embroidered on one and printed on one

4. You could place orders for anything that had already been sold, so not like you missed out on a lot

5. The girls are getting most of the art work and embroidery by the women working for the Behbud Association. The receipt I got says, "We support the Behbud Association Karachi. Many of our products have been printed and embroidered by women at Behbud's Industrial Home in Shireen Jinnah Colony."

So you'll not just be buying an outfit, but also playing a role, even if teensy weensy, in doing some good.

I'm attaching a few photos of the clothes for you all to check out. Will upload more soon and will put them up in subsequent parts.

The girls' facebook page is
You can get further details too if you feel like ordering anything.

Check out the whites and blacks. I particularly liked the whites for the detail in the embroidery...

And can you make out the motif of the bird that I totally loved? It's an embroidered one near the neckline. The dark brown one had lovely matte sequins done around the collar.

The prices hovered around Rs3,000 for a kurta on average.

There was a small collection of kurtis as well (very difficult to find good ones these days!), which I will be sharing soon.

For further details, do contact the girls on their facebook page, or email me at and I'll help you get through to them.

Take care and have a great day!

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