Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lawn rankings

A couple of friends and I decided to rate the varioussss.. lawns that have dotted streets and roads of Karachi lately. We've come up with a ranking that is based purely on our opinions. Some of the designers have made it both the best and worst categories as you'll find out. Also, our opinions may be biased by how the clothes have been stitched and the photography and modeling, but we've tried to judge besides these factors. The images have been taken from various websites, including,, etc

Here's for you to look and comment:


#1 (Best) - Sana Safinaz

#2 - Lakhani's House of Zunn

#3 - Sana Safinaz

#4 - Sana Safinaz

#5 - Sana Safinaz

#6 - Lakhani's House of Zunn

#7 - Crescent

#8 - Crescent (red one)

#9 - Deepak Perwani

#10 - Umar Sayeed

And now the worst 7 we picked out!

Here goes, THE WORST 7:

#1 (Worst) - Sadia Lawn

#2 - Sadia Lawn

#3 - Sadia Lawn

#4 - Karma: The gypsy lawn collection

#5 - Khaadi

#6 - Sana Safinaz

#7 - Khaadi

#8 - Umar Sayeed

Looking forward to some feedback girls! Enjoy

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lawn collections: as beautiful as they look?

Here I am, sitting in front of my PC, ogling at glossy pictures of beautiful models, looking as glamorous as ever. Today, it is the latest, multiple lawn collections that have caught my eye. And even though I am not much of a lawn person myself (rather, I solemnly detest the particular fabric in question), I cant help feeling the wow factor when I stare at Amina Sheikh looking resplendent in this particular lawn attire designed by someone I honestly just read the name of.

“Should I get one for myself?”

“No,” screamed my rationality, “the prints are all the same. You cant tell one designer from the other.”

“But look at her, perhaps I can look as glamorous wearing it…”

“Only if your idea of glamorous is a tarted up blend of various prints and colours. Or if you wanna look like a dastarkhuan on which biryani would be shared a decade back.,” the rationality reminded.

“Yea, guess I should not. But just look at these pretty girls!”

“Yea, just look at them…”

And I did notice something. In most of the photos touting elaborate lawn collection, just look at the wonderful photography. The wind blowing the fabric off, the angles at which the models have posed, the dupattas dangling away in another corner while the model poses separately, the weird hand poses, and much more…

No wonder these gals look so hot. And no wonder the result is disappointing when we don on the same prints… sigh…

Look at this photo from Nadia Hussain’s latest collection.

While the outfit looks decent, how many will dare to carry the pose around without being made a laughing stock of? (kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s leg pose at the Oscars 2012 that was excessively ridiculed). Yes yes, the dupatta is hanging somewhere else too.

Here’s the next one, an Asim Jofa number.

Again. To look as ravishing as Eman Ali does in the above photo, you’ll have to sprawl you’re A-line frock like her, do that funny curve she’s done with her wrist. And wait, where’s her other leg. Will you have to hide that too? And once more, yes yes the dupatta is swaying somewhere else.

This below is a Yahsir Waheed outfit.

Oh dear! The model had to do an acrobat move to convince us the dress is pretty!

And in this Crescent Lawn piece, Karishma Kapoor had to resort to jutting out her leg in mid-air to give that feel-good look to the outfit.

The point’s not to ridicule the models, who, no doubt, are very beautiful looking females. The point is to put a reality check in our minds. The photography and hotties are too good to be us and lets not forget that when buying the next lawn ka jora. Buy what would look good on you and not what looks good on them. Unless, of course, you can jut out your leg every hour of the day, make sure your dupatta is perfectly swaying by the wind or by fans, and you can stand and walk at a 60 degree angle to the ground!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why winters make me uglier

I dont like winters. I never have and I dont think I ever will. Thank god for living in Karachi where they are more bearable, but until recently, I wondered, 'are they'?

Without any proper heaters and insulation and what not, us Karachiites are just not braced for this season which may be a blessing for some. Sure I enjoy the low electricity bills and the lack of any icky sweaty feeling you get during the summers, but other than these, I've begun to hate winters.

While I can go on and on about the whys, the one thing that I noticed yesterday was winters have actually been contributing towards making yours truly ugly! (Please keep the cliched 'so when were you pretty anyway' comment to yourselves :p)

Here's why:

1. I find winter fashion in the traditional shalwar kameez very difficult to do. As I have already established earlier through this blog, sweaters on shalwar kameez are something I have yet to fancy, which leaves only the option of shawls for poor me. And though those can be worn stylishly (kudos to ladies who can pull it off), sometimes, you just really need the layering to stay warm. And the recent winters in Karachi (oh-so-never-ending!) have not been a piece of cake, at least not for hypothermic me... And no, no matter how much I love them and no matter how much I feel they look better on me, I cant pull off western type stuff at all places, especially not at my office and not in public places

2. The dread of making a trip to the salon in the chilly winter breeze.. And the excess use of cold water and sometimes fans needed for some much-needed grooming. Oh, and is it only me, or does the drier skin actually make the already-horrendous threading an even more painful procedure?

3. The laziness. I'd stay tucked in the bed sipping some hot, sweet, calorie-laden drink or have mouthfuls of rich nuts than go out and flex my muscles a bit. It's an open invitation to the pounds to come and pack up on me!

4. The laziness again. And how it makes me want to not get up and put on eyeliner or blush, and in the end going to visit people all bare and plain.

5. The posture too! I tend to wrap my shawl very severely around me when the wind has been blowing very hard. The result? I end up looking like a slouching ol' maid.. The confident walk and straight posture of the summers is waved good bye in the face of survival instincts against the winters.

I'm sure if I think more there'll be ten other reasons I'll find to blame winters for bringing out the ugliness in me. Where art thou, summers? :(

Monday, 30 January 2012

Vish'z Collection

It's been a busy few weeks for this fashion basher, with lotsa ideas to bash upon, but not the energy or time... sigh. And the constant apologies I have been writing for not posting since long are becoming quite a commonality now.. another sigh... so I'm not gonna be sorry about infrequent posts.. hmph!

So the first on my to-blog list is my friend Mahvish's collection. I'm gonna put up pictures more and write less, cuz the home-based designer has done much of the job of explaining the outfits in good detail. Before I go on ranting further, here are some of the photos for you to stare and share.. Click to enlarge each snap:

So now that you have taken a look and are familiar with the price range too, let me tell you which one my eyes fell for. It was the red one with the Chinese-type dialect on it in Slide 7.

The good thing is she will get the outfits stitched to your taste, as in, your choice of fabric, colour, etc, and any slight modifications in design you'd like. For example, I got my motif printed on the back and got a boat neckline instead of the chinese collar.

I love the flexibility the girl has to offer, and I also think the designs are pretty cool, and can be custom-stitched to your size.

I'll come back with more of her photos soon. In case anybody is interested in her collection, please leave a comment at my blog, I'll post it to her, or write to me at

take care guys!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Woman, what's with the chooridaars??...

...a guy at work asked me and my work BFF one day.

Honestly, it got my thinking. Let me admit that I was already biased against the oriental leg wear, first for the acute inconvenience it brings for the wearer, and second, for how they make my already skinny legs look more skinny :(

"On top of those tent-like kurtas you guys wear, it looks like 2 mini canes hardly managing to support a huge, airy structure," I tried defending the sweet women folk, but deep inside, I couldn't agree more. Reasons? I have yet to condition myself to develop a fancy for them for reasons mentioned before.

And you know what's become quite irksome lately? The stretchy type material pants, which cling all the way to your legs, including the thighs.

I'm sorry for sounding so graphic, but the effect, especially on girls who have anything BUT spidery, well-toned legs, is devastating. PLEASE KEEP THE SLITS CLOSED IF U JUST HHHAVEEEE TO WEAR THAT CLINGY SKI-PYJAMA WE'VE COME TO ACCEPTING AS A CHOORIDAAR! (I'm sorry my dear dear friends who are fond of these, the bashing's aimed at the pants, not you guys :D)

Which reminds me to add that, in contrast to this version of the chooridaar, the 'primitive'version, left slightly loose at the thighs, was much better. Check it out below, so nice and sweet!

Perhaps the stretchy pants might work, but there are two conditions for those to look slightly close to decent:

1) Wear them with kurtas which are closed all along, and dont have side slits

2) If u HHHAVEEEE to still wear them with a slit-wala-kurta, please choose a dark colour like black. It does look better.

Anything other than this? Either make the effort and get a nice one stitched by the tailor or please dont help bring the profits of white stretchy pants' sellers to double digits!

Oh, just before I sign off, I personally feel chooridaars look better on longer lengths. Perhaps an inch or two above the ankle is a good length. Anything shorter just adds weight to the comment my colleague made, which I mentioned at the beginning of the piece.

Hoping this post will influence some chooridaar aficionados into wearing the pants more gracefully!


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

"Is that lipstick on your teeth?" the Chairman asks...

Hi Followers and readers,

I know the absence of a post for the last week is a mega "blog-faux-pas" on my part, but I'm sure y'all are sweet, kind and most considerate to forgive me :)

But during the last week I saw something which left my eyes popping out like that of the Mask! A newly married chic in full bridal make-up and a bright pink jora with silver kamdani was to be spotted around. Where, did you ask? At WORK! C'mon man, while most will be happy you tied the not, and the rest will be indifferent, why make everyone squirm because of a ridiculous post-wedding choice of clothes and bizarrely bold make-up!

We'll keep work clothes aside for a moment (but yes, will cover them too, because work clothes in Pakistan's culture can be a tad tricky), and talk a bit about make-up :)

Honestly, the Pakistani concept of make-up has never been quite convincing to me, and many women and men will acquiesce with my claim. What's with the pastry looks, extremely bold eyes, lips and every single feature on the face? Whatever happened to subtlety? I do not approve of such a scarily heavy look on weddings either, but for work! How can women forget it's work and not an evening dinner!

Check these out:

No prizes for guessing which look is more appropriate when you're heading to the office.

Here are some pointers for the desi girls to note down when dressing up for work:

1. DONT overdo the lipstick. The age of the dark brown, mocha and red is quite out-dated, even if you have angelina-jolie lips. Leave that for supermodels and TV anchors who deem it their right to dress like a 'dulhan' every morning. Go for nude shades or just stick with a nearly transparent gloss.

2. Avoid using a thick foundation or base. A better idea and one that I use on a daily basis is to use a moisturizer on your face with at least an SPF-15 UV protection. Also, please try to grow up and get over your complexities and STOP USING FAIR & LOVELY! Gone are the days when a fair complexion was everything, a healthy complexion (regardless of whether it's pink, brown, white, yellow or GREEN) is what's more important.

3. Trim your nails. We're also over the age when long nails could woo men over. Preppy fashion screams for well-trimmed, well-filed, decently sized nails. No, I didn't say bitten nails were an alternate.

4. Leave shimmery eye shades and a sparkly, glittery eye liner for your teenage cousins. Let alone wear to work, coloured eye liners look good up til a certain age only. And, sadly for many, that age hovers near the late 20s. Please dont try too hard.

5. The blush is quite critical, with many women around us often overdoing it in quest of looking doll-like. Hey, did anyone tell them there's just a fine line between a blushed-up doll and a clown? The blush is just make you appear healthier. A litmus test for applying it? Just pinch your cheek slightly, the colour you get is how your blush should be, not darker.

6. Finally, no make-up at all is not a good idea either. A moisturizer and slightly-lined eyes go a long way in helping you clean well. Sadly, yours truly is often guilty of forgetting to line her eyes :(

Remember, you're going to work and getting late for that is nothing new for anyone. Make up for work, if kept to good quality basics, should not need more than 10 minutes. If you're spending more time than that, you seriously need to evaluate your make-up techniques!


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who said men cant be fashionable??

...Yes, even men can be fashionable, without being criticised for being too 'fashion-conscious' to be a man...

I wonder why have we attached a stereotype to men and fashion: to most people I know, men are either 'not-fashionable' or gay.. What's wrong in just looking out for your appearance dudes! It's about looking good rather than looking sloppy.

Just as it is for women, a good fit is as extremely important for a man. If you wanna become a lady magnet, ;), remember FIT IS IT!!

So, looking at the number of our brethren belonging to the corporate fraternity, let's talk about the fit of dress shirts. Though it's become much less, men have a persistent disease of wearing their shirts too loose, especially near the waist. Gentlemen, wake up to SLIM-FIT shirts pleaseeee! There is an abundance of them in various outlets now, including Amir Adnan (who has very sleek designs, btw) and Cambridge.

Check out these pictures of models wearing slim-fits:

Next are any guy's trousers. Remember to not go for very baggy ones as they only look nice on conventional teen hunks! Yes, I'm talking about the low-waisted jeans that boys had taken a fancy to a few months back (some still stick to the fashion faux pas), with utter disregard for decency and neat looks. But while the young lot could carry it off, late-20s and early-30s sporting it only looked like they're trying tooooooo hard!

For both jeans and formal trousers, make sure that the jeans fits your crotch and behind comfortably. NEVER go too tight with it either, or you'll be at the risk of not being invited to most parties because of the sheer embarrassment the "TIGHT-anic" will likely bring to your hosts.

Here, let me mention the flat front trousers that have saved many men from being a fashion disgrace. I've found really sleek ones at Dockers. Though a little pricey (ranging around PKR 7000-8000), they are totally an investment because of how good they'll make you look and also since they're good quality and last longer.

Have a look at some flat fronts:

Similarly for dinner suits and jackets. Go and get a tailored one rather than buy off a shelf. It will be completely worth the wait and the bill wont be much different than an off-the-shelf suit, unless of course, you choose a very dear material. Moosajee's and Ambassador are tried and tested options in my case, with a man looking very wonderfully neat in suits tailored by them. You might even have your personal tailor to stitch the suits for you, and if that works for you, nothing like it!

See for yourself how much of a difference a well-fitted suit can make:

Moving on to tee-shirts, the guy's age and built is very important. If you're not a very muscular, toned type, PLEASE avoid skinny tee-shirts. You just look like a stick-figured Salaman Khan afficianado stuffed inside a sausage case! Even if you are that much of a body-builder, leave the extreme tightness at home only and go for something that skims rather than clings to your body.

For older men, it's safer to hang on to a looser, more comfy piece than flaunt yourself the Johnny Bravo way! And again, anything too loose will only make you look very sloppy!

That for the moment folks! see ya'll soon with some more fashion tips for both men and women :)